Northeast is a goal management tool.

All your company's goals in one living document. From mission statement to daily tasks. Align your team. Stay focused. Deliver on time.

S.M.A.R.T. goals, explicit priorities, clear owners

Align your team

“Why are we working on this?” Heard that before? If so, you might not be communicating your company's strategy clearly enough. By explicitly putting it all in one living document, Northeast helps you resolve disagreements and get buy-in across teams.

Stay focused

“Should we try that new thing?” Client requests and new opportunities come up all the time. By visualizing trade-offs, Northeast helps you avoid distractions and respond to change quickly.

Deliver on time

“Is it done?” Constantly asking your team for status reports? Empower them to do the reporting on their own time. By having measurable goals, Northeast helps you reduce delays and review progress in real-time.

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